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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a clothing designer?
We do not design clothing, nor are we a retailer.

Are you a talent/modeling agency?
No. Although we help our clients cast talent for their productions we do not represent or manage models and talent

Does Polina Fashion operate internationally?
Yes, our personnel will travel worldwide to accomodate our clients' every need.

Does Polina Fashion only deal in the Fashion Industry?
While we specialize in fashion, we will certainly give ample consideration to proposals for clients outside the fashion industry.

Am I limited to the services described on this site?
We customize virtually every aspect of the services we provide to suit each client. If you require a service that is not mentioned outright, be sure to contact us.

Why isn't pricing listed?

Given that each event/campaign is unique, we price accordingly. When asked to provide a custom quote, we compile the most accurate data available to give prospective customers very realistic and reliable numbers.

I would like to apply for an opening at Polina Fashion. Where do I apply?

Please refer to our contact page.
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